Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fwd: Ben & Jerry’s Announces Free Cone Day date!

April 12 - Free Cone Day!
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  Free Cone Day is April 12!  
  Since 1979, Free Cone Day is our way of thanking our fans for being awesome. Mark your calendar, find your local Scoop Shop and start thinking about which flavor you're going to get. It's so close you can almost taste it!
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  Our 19 Favorite Phish Moments Since Phish Food Launched 19 Years Ago  
  Two years ago, we celebrated the launch of Phish Food®. Maybe it's those smiling chocolate fish, but it is still one of our fans' most adored flavors ever. Now 19 years later, we look back and celebrate 19 of our favorite Phish moments since the flavor launched.
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  4 Ridiculously Tasty Vegan Dessert Recipes  
  We are so excited about our brand new Non-Dairy flavors that we've been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. What kind of experimenting, you ask?
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  Ben & Jerry's is now on SnapChat!  
  We revealed new flavor euphoria first on Snapchat this past Tuesday. Get instant updates on new flavors like our NEW CORES.
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Spring Break Fun at Oaks Park

Oaks Park has a new ride this year called the "Tree Top Drop!" They always have lots of fun activities, and great deals on Spring Break.
​Spring Break, yay! Let's go play! Join 98.7 The Bull, Live 95.5, 101.9 Kink FM, 101 KXL, and The Game for family fun in your own back yard March 19 - 27 from 12:00 - 5:00pm! Two Deluxe Ride Bracelets are just $24.00 with the Alpha Spring Break Coupon

Friday, March 18, 2016

Free Lead Testing for Children at Various Locations throughout Portland

Multnomah County is offering free Lead Testing for children.  It is known that exposure to lead can cause brain, and other, health issues now and later in life.  If your child is found to have lead in there system you can then try to find out why and where it came from to stop it from happening.  If you live in a home built before the 80's there may be lead present.  No lead level is safe.

Free lead screening clinics

You can bring your child (age 6 and under) to one of the free lead testing clinics listed below:
Contact the Leadline at 503-988-4000 to arrange for a free home assessment by a trained Lead Risk Assessor to help you identify and remove possible lead hazards.