Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Fwd: 7500+ Free Printables for Kids Are a LOT of Fun!

7500+ Free Printables for Kids Are a LOT of Fun!
Woo! Jr. Kids Activities
Hi Jody,

Did you know that Woo! Jr. Kids Activities has been around since 2008, and has over 7500 FREE printables on the website? In addition, there are nearly 3 million pins on Pinterest by parents and teachers saving our content. Today, we wanted to show you some of the most popular resources on our website so that you can bookmark them for future use! And did we mention that they are FREE

While you're bookmarking, please follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, too!
By far the most popular content on our site is our printable alphabet letters, alphabet coloring pages, and alphabet worksheets. Our full 26 letter full page alphabets are extremely versatile; people use them to make banners, decorate bulletin boards, or use them as craft templates. 
From Pokemon, to Charlie Brown, to every holiday you can imagine, we have kids' coloring pages for every day of the year! We also have mandala coloring pages, animal coloring pages, a set for boys and a set for girls. In fact, there are just too many to mention! 
Our printable mad libs and original kids poems are a big hit with teachers and homeschooling parents. We also have a whole section of lesson plans with supporting worksheets. And we've got you covered for math, science and history, too!
Some of our personal favorite fun activities on the site are our printable crafts. We have tons of masks, paper toys, and on Halloween our pumpkin carving patterns are so popular we have to add server capacity in October!
Wendy Piersall
Chief Woo! Officer
226 W Judd
Woodstock IL 60098

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Fwd: Back to School With the Internet Archive

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Subject: Back to School With the Internet Archive

Back to School With the Internet Archive
Useful Tools for Back to School

As students around the world resume their education, millions of learners are facing uncertainty about school schedules, class formats, and online study. As a nonprofit dedicated to Universal Access to All Knowledge, the Internet Archive provides a number of free resources for parents, students, teachers, and librarians around the world—check out these tools for remote learning!
For Parents
Do you have a budding history buff, wildlife biologist, artist, or stargazer on your hands? Looking for books to entertain and educate them with? We've created a number of handy resource guides on a range of subjects, from astronauts to zebras. You can also check out some previous compilations of our favorite collections!

Of course, one of the best ways to support your child's education is by reading to and with them. The Internet Archive's Open Library contains thousands of children's books to check out and enjoy together.
For Students
If you need homework help, The Internet Archive has a huge array of textbooks and study guides. If you're looking for primary sources to cite in your History assignments, our 26 million historical books and texts are a great place to start; if you're trying to get through English class we also have thousands of works of literature from around the world.

And if you need a study break? We have a huge collection of educational software and computer games you can play around with. (Not to mention plenty of less-educational games, too!)
For Teachers and Educators
Over the past several months, the Internet Archive has collaborated with a number of educational specialists to determine how our collections can best serve teachers. If you're trying to plan for an online semester, are wondering how to increase your students' digital fluency, or want to prepare for long-term distance learning trends, you can find expert analysis and advice on our blog. And if you want to leverage the Open Library to get new material or find lesson plans to make curriculum preparation easier, our doors are always open.
For Librarians
As a nonprofit public library, we know that now more than ever, libraries and librarians matter. While digital librarians are facing unprecedented situations—and formerly analog librarians are being forced to adapt—we're providing useful resources to library and archive professionals everywhere. You can learn more about how we can enhance course reserves on our blog, or browse our American Libraries archive to explore some of our partners' collections. We proudly sponsor both Archive-It (an institutional web archiving solution) and the Open Libraries program (which allows libraries to expand their digital holdings using our collections). If you'd like to learn more about how the Internet Archive can help you provide more digital materials to your patrons, sign up for an upcoming webinar!
In these tumultuous times, we want to make sure that students have the tools they need to learn—and we couldn't offer the resources we do without the help of our partners, donors, and supporters everywhere. Whether you're looking for homework help, teaching via videoconference, or finding new ways to support your patrons, we hope that our collections prove useful to you.

Stay safe and healthy, and thanks for using the archive!

-The Internet Archive Team
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Internet Archive, we would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you for helping us provide Universal Access To All Knowledge. 
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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Summer Food Free Lunches & Applying for School Free Lunch Assistance at Home

 We all know this has been the most unusual summer!  And with so much unemployment or underemployment, finding money for food can be tough.  In Oregon, anyone under the age of 18 qualifies for free lunch 5 days a week, with no registration or proof of income.  Visit for details on how to find locations for pick up.  

This year school districts will still be providing FREE lunches for kids, even though they may not be meeting in person for class.  Many districts have increased the income limits for students who can receive FREE lunch.  Please check your school district page for more information on that.  Many districts are still employing their bus drivers by having them drive their routes and passing out lunches a couple of days per week.  (Enough food for 5 days.)