Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updates! Updates!

Zebras at Wild Life Safari in Bandon, Oregon. 
A great place to visit during Spring Break!
I've added lots of new events to the calendar for February and March!  Check them out!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Time to think about Camping?

Are you ready to think about camping?  It's definitely not that time of year yet, but camping is so popular that you really need to be planning ahead now.  Reservations for camp grounds fill up all over the Northwest very quickly.

If you don't have high confidence in your camping skills, or you've never been camping, there is a great program for you!

Let's Go Camping is a a program run by Oregon Parks & Recreation.  The cost is $20 for the weekend.  Every weekend June 16- August, there are 1 or two events at different camp grounds and sometimes at the beach. They provide tent, sleeping bags, mattress pads and even use of camp stoves if needed.  There are ranger led activities and volunteers around the clock.  Possible activities for each event are tide pooling, nature hikes, kayaking, and plenty of s'mores for everyone.  Rangers also teach classes like "Leave No Trace", "10 Essentials of Hiking", "Fire Building & Saftey", and "Dutch Oven Cooking".  What a fun idea to try out camping without purchasing all of the equipment.

21 State Parks are First-come, first-served camping.  These camp grounds do take reservations for cabins and yurts ahead of time.

www.reserveamerica.com handles reservations for all Oregon state parks as well as many other private campgrounds.  Oregon has over 30 State Parks with camping facilities ranging from bring in your own water to rent a furnished and electrified cabin.  There are several hundred private campgrounds all across Oregon.  Reserve America lists 271!

Summer seems so so far away, but it will be here before we know it.  Don't get caught without a reservation this year!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's all go to the movies!

When it's cold an dreary outside and you feel like you have been cooped up in the house for days and days, why not go to the movies! 

I've created a listing of many of the local movie theaters.  28 Actually!  In doing my research I read an article, in the Oregonian, that said Portland has more movie theaters per capita than any other US City.  That's a whole lot of movies.  We have so many great small, historic, and independent theaters.  You can always watch the newest blockbuster, but you can also watch yesterday's blockbuster for less than half the price.  Many theaters also show classic movies.

 Laurelhurst Theater  usually shows a classic every week, but they are typically shown late, so they are 21 & Over, because this theater sells Beer & Wine.  Some fun classic movies I've watched at Laurelhurst are Office Space, Soilent Green, Muppets Take Manhattan, Stand By Me and lots more.

Need a date night?  The Academy Theater offers babysitting during some of it's movies and has a kids play loft. $4 for adults $3 for kids and seniors.  Babysitting is a seperate price.

Regal Cinemas is a first run, and fairly expensive theater chain.  However, all regular movies are $5 on Tuesdays and club members get $2 popcorn.  If you are a member of the Regal club you can earn free soda, popcorn and movie tickets.  And you do actually get those.  They give you a coupon for a free small popcorn, but you can pay the extra to upgrade to a large, usually $2.  Free to join the club.

Oak Grove Cinemas is a theater in Milwaukie on 99E.  They are first run, with comfortable seats, inexpensive popcorn, and $5 movies everyday before 6pm.  After 6pm it's $7 for adults and still $5 for kids.  Everyday!  They don't have 3D, but otherwise they play all of the biggest hits for great prices.  Their regular price is cheaper than economy hour at most theaters.  Bring cash, they don't take cards but they do have an ATM. 

Here's the list, and you can find it anytime on PortlandFamilyFun.com - Ideas for Anytime.

Drive In Theaters-Yes, we still have 2 in the area! 99W Drive-In - The nearest local Drive In is in Newberg on 99W! This is a great family activity. Bring your lawn chairs and sit out in front of the car. Bring snacks, the kids in PJs and have a blast.
Dallas Motorvu.com - 315 SE Fir Villa, Dallas, OR $18 for the car load.
First Run Theaters Cinemark - Mega theaters with pretty high ticket prices. Cheaper before 6pm.
CINETOPIA - Two locations in Beaverton and Vancouver.  These theaters have restaurants, and special theaters with BIG comfy chairs and pillow piles so it feels like you are watching a movie in your own living room.  Nice, but pricey!  They even serve drinks and food in some theaters.
Columbia Theatre - St. Helens historic theater built in 1928 but fully restored with top of the line digital and 3D technology.
Lake Twin Cinema - 106 N. State Street, Lake Oswego OR 97034
First run, usually not the block busters.   Only two screens.
Living Room® Theaters   - Art Films and General Release films.  Environmental and sustainable.  Smaller theaters with cushy chairs.
Oak Grove Cinemas - First run movies at cheaper prices!!!  $5 before 6pm and $7 after for adults.  Kids always $5.  The regular price is cheaper than the matinee price at Regal or Cinemark.  Nice theater and the popcorn is cheaper too and tastes better!
Regal Cinemas - These are all over town, general prices run from $6-$9. All shows that begin before 6 are at a reduced price. Sign up for the regal card and earn points towards free popcorn, soda, and movie tickets.  Tuesdays are $5.
I-Max Theaters Evergreen IMAX® Theater - Located at the Evergreen Aviation Museum
OMSI Imax Theater - With a five-story domed screen and 30-degree, stadium seating, the OMNIMAX® Dome Theater is a cinematic experience unlike any other. .Located at OMSI.
Independent Films 5th Avenue Cinema - Portland State University student run theater.  Open weekends only.  Free for PSU students.  $2 for other students and seniors. $3 everyone else. They show classics, independents and art films.
The Academy Theater - No Minors after 8pm. $3 Adults $2 Kids. Second Run and Art/Independent Films. Babysitting available on some nights.
Cinema 21 - Special Events, classics, and indies.
Clinton Street Theater- Rocky Horror every Sat at Midnight
Hollywood Theater - Art/Independent films, special features, festivals, and more in a very ornanate theater.
nwFilmCenter  - Local Filmschool.  Plays local filmakers, festival movies, independents and more.
Laurelhurst Theater - $3 for all movies, vintage, second run and art films.
Pizza and beer too! 21 or over after 3pm.
Living Room Theaters - Art and Independent Films with fine dining. Mondays & Tuesdays $5, otherwise $9.
Second Run Discount Theaters Second Run are movies that are not in current runs at big theaters, or classic movies that haven't been shown in years. 5th Avenue Cinema - Portland State University student run theater.  Open weekends only.  Free for PSU students.  $2 for other students and seniors. $3 everyone else. They show classics, independents and art films. FREE POPCORN!!!
The Academy Theater - No Minors after 8pm. $3 Adults $2 Kids. Second Run and Art/Independent Films
This is a fatastically restored theater that opened re opened recently after 35 years.
Laurelhurst Theater - $3 for all movies, vintage, second run and art films.
Pizza and beer too! 21 or over after 3pm.
Cine Magic Theater - Small theater that shows second run films. Real melted butter!
McMenamin's Theaters - These theaters are second run films in McMenamin's restaurants and pubs.  Pizza and beer during your movie.
Moreland Theater - Neighborhood theater from 1926. Single Screen.
6712 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
Mt. Hood Theatre - DOUBLE FEATURE theater for $4.  Pick your own double feature of the 4 movies they play.
Portlander Cinema - $3, located at Jubitz Truck Stop.  Actually a nice new theater with stadium seating and comfortable seats.  
Valley Theater - Second Run for around $3
9360 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Telephone is 503-296-6843.
Wunderland Cinemas - The Avalon Theater, Gresham Theater and Milwaukie Cinemas are super cheap second run movies. $2-$3. Along with the Nickel Arcade!

Have a great time at the movies!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

If you have clicked through to www.PortlandFamilyFun.com you probably notice that it looks different!  I am trying out this new blog format to make it easier for me to add content.  The rest of the site looks pretty much the same now, but I will be working on that in the weeks to come to make it look a little more slick as well.  Below I have added old posts, in case you want to look them over again.

Just click on a tab to get you to all of the pages of the site!


Half Price Deal Sites. Should You or Shouldn't You?

     These days there are so many different sites that offer 50% off deals.  Some of the deals are an even larger percentage.  But are these deals really worth it?  
     In today's economy we are less likely to try a new restaurant, or even go out to dinner at all.  These deal sites offer big discounts on food and fun activities.  Now you even find deals on medical treatments, resorts, family photos and pretty much any service that you can buy.

     The trick to getting REAL deals through these sites is to do your homework first.  

Read all of the directions and restrictions.

     Some sites, like Restaurant.com offer you great deals, such as a $25 gift certificate for $3.  Sounds fantastic, but if you don't read the small print you may be surprised once you get there.  Their certificates always require a minimum purchase that is usually $35 to $50 before the discount, 18% gratuity is required, certain items may be unavailable, and certain days and times can be blocked out.  Those are all typical restrictions for this site.  While you are still saving money, it isn't as much as it seems.

Research ratings for a new restaurant or service that you haven't tried yet.

     If you are trying a new restaurant and it's just terrible, no amount of savings is worth it.  I have a personal smell test for a restaurant.  If I can smell Pine Sol I am out of there.  I figure that they would only use such a strong smelling cleaner if they were trying to cover up another smell.  But  you can't do the Pine Sol test on-line so you have to rely on the assistance of some Internet junkies help you out.  Sites like www.Yelp.com have high traffic and you should be able to find at least a few reviews.  Just keep in mind that some places do fake reviews.  If it's 5 stars and the review sounds more like an ad then something a customer would say, it's suspect.  I usually toss out the best and worst review and actually look at the rest.  

    I've actually gone to a sub shop based on a bad review, but it was hilarious and so it piqued my interest.  

Are you going to use it?

     $7 Billion of gift cards and certificates go unused every year.  That's a lot of money being thrown away!  Don't buy a certificate on a whim, especially if you are doing it to try and save money.  I see deals for places I actually go or tickets I want to buy all of the time.  Have a plan for when you are going to use it and put it in a safe place so you won't lose it but you will remember you have it. Holiday events and concerts seem to be getting more popular on these sites.  The tickets usually go on sale closer to the event. 

     DOUBLE check the expiration date as well.  You don't save any money if it isn't usable anymore.  But never throw out an actual gift card, because those never expire in Oregon, and they can't reduce the amount after any amount of time.  Most half price certificates lose the special value after a certain period of time.  However, they are still good for the price you paid for them.

What to do about bad service?

     You do have some recourse.  Many of the sites, like www.PortlandPerks.com, offer money back if you didn't get what you paid for.  They don't want their reputation being ruined and so they will go after the business for their money, if they have to give back yours.

Some sites to check out
  • www.Restaurant.com More restrictions and fine print than most.
  • www.PortlandPerks.com Some great deals.  Get on their mailing list and they will send you almost daily emails about new deals. 
  • www.LivingSocial.com They often have deals on higher end restaurants, spa treatments and resorts.  Some good lower priced ones as well.
  • www.Groupon.com Enough people have to buy the deal, and they sometimes go fast.
  • Lots of the TV and Radio stations have their own deals as well, but most sites end up with similar deals, especially on events.

September 2011 Hat In the Hat

You Can Meet the Cat in the Hat
at the Clackamas Town Center Barnes & Noble store.
           I love Dr. Seuss!  What a great author and story teller. Who knew you could be so entertained on just
a few nonsense words repeated over and over?
          Dr. Seuss has these great books that everyone loves to pieces, like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "Green Eggs and Ham", and "The Cat in the Hat".  But he has lots of other fun books to choose from, books with great messages such as "The Sneetches".  "The Sneetches" teaches kids to look beyond differences and accept everyone.  "Oh The Places You'll Go" teaches kids to dream big, and "The Lorax" teaches about the environment.  
          You could go to the bookstore and buy all of these books, but this website is about FREE and Cheap options, right!  So go to the Thrift shop, or better yet, stop by your local library, check out a bunch of Dr. Seuss and pick your favorites to purchase later when you can find them at a steal.
           In the mean time, go to the Barnes & Noble at the Clackamas Town Center on October 14 to meet The Cat in The Hat.  I've met him, he's a great guy, even though he seems like a major jerk in the movie!

Check the   PortlandFamilyFun.com - Calendar of Events      for more details.

Halloween 2011 Boredom Busters

10 Halloween-Themed Boredom Busters

Provided by Sarah Morris on behalf of Primrose Schools- choose the best in preschools!

The air outside has turned crisp and the tableau of fall colors is coming alive in the trees. The new season brings so many things to be enjoyed as a family- like Halloween. In lieu of going straight to TV and video games when the weather gets chilly, get their attention with themed activities and banish the Ghost of Halloween Boredom before he makes an appearance. Try a few of the following activities to keep your young ones entertained, and have fun together!

1.) Pumpkin Carving

In the fall, pumpkin carving is a time honored tradition for many families. If your kids are old enough to safely use a cutting tool, it can be great fun for them. Don't go for the same old grinning face you've seen on a thousand other pumpkins. Do a quick online search for "pumpkin carving templates", and find a unique one that your kids can easily follow. Supervise them as they complete the task, and voila, you have a beautiful outdoor decoration that's perfectly in season. As a bonus, you can salt and roast the seeds for a healthy, kid friendly snack.

2.)"Flying" Bats

This quick, easy craft will make a great addition to your Halloween decor. First, find a template of a bat online( BHG.com and kid's educational sites are a good place to start your search). You're looking for a silhouette, not a full color photo. Once you've got the template, you and your kids can cut out several bats from black card stock. Once that's done, punch a small hole in each bat. Using fishing line or filament, hang the bats from the ceiling. The nearly invisible strings will make it look as if a flock of bats have descended on your home. It's a creepy good look!

3.)Pasta Skeleton

This is a good craft for the younger children, who aren't quite as adept as you'd like with scissors. All you'll need is black construction paper, white glue, a white crayon, and a cup or so of pasta in a variety of shapes. Using these supplies, help your child build a skeleton, and glue it to the paper. For example, macaroni is good for the ribs, and a wagon wheel makes a perfect head. When it dries, your child can sign it with the crayon, and you can proudly display it. (It's also a good opportunity to help your child learn about the skeletal system.) This idea came from the good folks at enchantedlearning.com.

4.) "Scary" Baking

Most folks love sweets, so you can't go wrong with this. Make a basic sugar cookie dough, and gather several colors of food coloring, an assortment of candies, and let your kids do the decorating. Or bake a few cupcakes and let your kids turn them into frightening creatures. You should be in charge of the baking part, of course, but they'll love making a mess and expressing their creativity. A clever hint from Better Homes and Gardens: to make an edible, three dimensional witches' hat, flatten 1/2 of a regular Tootsie Roll into a small circle, and top it with a Hershey's Kiss.

5.)Costume Making

If you've recently seen the price of a flimsy store bought costume, then you'll immediately appreciate the value of this craft. In most cases, you can use things you already have around the house to make the costume your kid wants. With a dose of creativity, and the addition of a few purchased supplies like face paint, you can whip up the perfect costume at a fraction of the cost. Let you child participate in making it, and they'll also get the satisfaction that comes with making something "cool".

6.)Dirt and Worms

As gross as this may sound, kids find it both fun and tasty. Help your child a small paper cup about halfway with chocolate pudding. On top of that, add a layer of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, to resemble "dirt". Last, take a few gummy worms and insert them through the top layer, into the pudding core below. Leave a bit of each worm visible. After that, let your kids feast on their sweet, yet slimy creation.

7.)Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch

The orange gourds are in season this time of year, and depending on where you live, you may be able to take your kids to a pumpkin patch for a visit. In most cases, the cost of admission is low, or free, and some patches will let kids take a small pumpkin home as a souvenir. A quick internet search can help you discover if there are any pumpkin patches in your neck of the woods.

8.)Take a Nighttime Nature Walk

Your kids may not think this is scary enough at first, but if you take them out after dusk they may quickly change their minds. Explore your neighborhood, taking note of all the nocturnal critters scurrying around. Who knows what lurks in your neighbor's bushes after dark? After this walk, you will!

9.)Rent a Scary Movie

You can judge which movies are appropriate for your kids, based on their ages and personalities. Once you've agreed on a movie, zap some popcorn, turn down the lights, and enjoy a frighteningly good time. If you chose your film wisely, you won't have to worry about being on nightmare patrol later.

10.) Raking Leaves

Not everything surrounding Halloween has to be exciting, right? If you've got a yard full of fallen leaves, and a house full of kids whining about having nothing to do, this could be the perfect solution. Let them use up some of that boundless energy to rake up the leaves while you supervise. It's probably best to go into this expecting the kids to make a big pile of leaves and jump in in, though.


                   Visit the page for more fun ideas!
Thank you Sarah for your great ideas! 

Fall 2011 Dairyville is Back!

Alpenrose Dairy Brings Back Summer Fun for the Whole Family  

Dairyville is BACK at Alpenrose Dairy!

  Alpenrose Dairy opened it's family attraction, Dairyville in the spring of 1961.  After a several year absence Alpenrose Dairy has reopened it's fun family attraction, Dairyville. Sunday afternoons from 1pm-4pm you can enjoy attractions including: Storybook Lane , an antique museum, a miniature train display, and doll collection.  Alpenrose will offer free balloons, fruit punch and candy for the kids.  The admission is free.  

   My family has been visiting Alpenrose since the 60s. We love to visit Dairyville, especially at Christmas time. They will also be open again this year for holiday festivities.

    Alpenrose Dairy is located at 6149 SW Shattuck Road , off Beaverton Hillsdale Highway .  

   In addition to Dairyville, Alpenrose has a lot of fun planned this summer.  The Little League World Series runs August 11-17th.  Teams of the best 11-12 year olds from around the world will compete in the 27 game tournament.  No tickets or passes are needed, just go and enjoy the fun.

    Ashley Beckers, public relations liaison for Alpenrose says, "The three beautifully maintained baseball/softball fields on the Alpenrose campus have been in use over 55 years when Henry & Carl Cadonau Sr. first built them for his grandchildren. Generations later, the Cadonau family is still running the family owned dairy business and sharing their love of the sport with their community and the world." 

   Alpenrose Dairy is a family run business, operated by the Cadonau's for over 95 years.  

See past articles in Article Archives

Summer 2011 Disneyland Tips

Are you going to Disneyland this summer?

    If you are, I am jealous!  I just got back a couple of weeks ago, but I am really ready to go back RIGHT NOW!
     I wanted to share a few things I have learned from my last few trips to Disney that might help make  your trip a little better and easier.

     Tickets.  You see a lot of ads for ticket discounts, but the best is probably AAA.  They sell the tickets at their office and they come with free parking.  The tickets are cheaper, no tax AND free parking!!  Wow!  Parking is $15 a day now.

     Going to Disneyland in the early morning?  Stop by the Market House on the right side of Main Street, for coffee.  Save your receipt.  They will give you free refills all day long.  It's the only place in Disneyland that you can get that!  They also have a hidden cupboard of aspirin, sun block, and other drug store items, just ask.

     Did you know that you can ride up front with the engineer on the Disneyland train?  Just ask a conductor when the train comes into the station.  If your train has the super fancy Lilly Belle car, you can ride in that too.  Just ask!  If it's your first visit you have to do the full round trip to see all of the special sights along the way.  It's great for an afternoon rest. You can also take pictures sitting in the drivers seats of the main street vehicles as well.  

     Single Riders!  Don't want to wait in line for two hours to ride California Screamin'?  Talk to the cast member at the front of the line.  They will give you a single rider pass.  It's better than a fast pass, but you don't get to ride with your friends.  You'll wait 10 minutes instead of 2 hours
        Attractions that do single riders:  (Maybe more, ask at the front of the line.)
                Splash Mountain, Indianan Jones, California
                Screamin', Grizzly River Rapids,
                Soarin' Over California

     Baby Swap!  Moms and Dads with small kids can both enjoy a ride.  Ask the first cast member at a ride for a Child Swap pass so that both parents don't have to wait in the long line.  I've heard that you can use the pass all day and go back to the front of the line at any time, but I don't know that for sure.

     Food is expensive at Disneyland! You can bring in your own food and drinks.  They will look through your bag, but they have no problem allowing you to bring in food and drinks in plastic containers. The will even allow soft sided coolers.  They have lockers to stow your food until lunchtime.  The lockers are right by the Market House so you can get more coffee!

     Hydrate!!!!  It gets hot and you will get much more tired and cranky if you aren't well hydrated.  Drink lots of water, not soda.   

    Keep Calm.  I see so many people getting tired and crabby and frustrated with their children.  Remember that you are asking your child to spend 12+ hours outside in the sun, constantly moving and being over stimulated.  It's just too much for most kids, and all adults!  Drink lots of water, keep eating snacks you are carrying in a backpack, take lots of breaks, sit and watch shows to rest the feet, and remember that you are at the HAPPIEST place on earth.  If you force kids and yourselves to the limit it won't be fun for anyone and it won't be a good memory.  If you start getting cranky remember to keep it to yourself and do what you can to make it a great experience for your kids. If they start getting cranky, try to figure out why instead of doing what most Disneyland parents do, yell at them about how much it costs to go there and threaten to go home.  The likelihood is that they are thirsty, tired or over stimulated and probably just need a break.

     You can't see everything!  There is a quote from Walt that goes something like, "Build too much for them to see in one day so they have to come back."  Good Old Walt has built more than you can see in three days.  Study the website and maps before you go and decide what you really want to see the most and concentrate on that, when you have that done, do other things.  Then you will feel like you have accomplished something special with this trip.  

Swift Watch 2010

New Page 1
Swift Watch 2010

If you haven't seen the Swifts yet, it's a pretty amazing site that you can only see in September and late April.
Here is what the Portland Audubon website said about it................
Join us on the lawn at Chapman School 1445 NW 26th Ave. | Portland, OR 97210, most evenings in September for a spectacular display of Vaux’s Swifts as they gather to roost in the school’s chimney. Volunteers from Portland Audubon will be present with information about the swifts, binoculars and a spotting scope for viewing.
Swifts are insect eating birds that migrate south each fall.  At sunset during migration they choose a place where dozens to thousands of birds can roost (sleep).  Since the late 1980’s the Chapman chimney has been one of these roosting sites.
Swift watching – coming to view the swifts as they prepare to roost – has become a very popular activity at the Chapman School site in recent years.  Many evenings in September see in excess of 2000 people gathered on the school lawn and neighboring Wallace Park grounds to watch and listen as the swifts gather overhead before entering the chimney.  Please read the "Community Mindfulness" link and the tips below to help keep the experience positive for all.
This is a free event, open to everyone! It is everyone’s responsibility to make it a safe and enjoyable experience.  Portland Audubon is enlisting the help of every Swift Watcher to develop a spirit of community mindfulness by following and sharing these tips with others:
  • Use public transportation when possible. The Portland Streetcar and bus lines #15 and #17 all travel within three blocks of Chapman School. 
  • Be mindful of where you park. it is illegal to block a residence’s drive-way, as well as, “double park.”  Plan to walk up to six blocks from where you park to the school.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of the neighbors.  You are one of many, many people who will be visiting their neighborhood during September.
  • Pick up your trash and litter, as well as a little "extra", when you leave.  Especially cardboard and micro-trash. 
  • Leash your dog.  Pick up after your dog. 
  • It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages or Smoke on public school grounds. 
  • Keep an eye on your children, we want everyone to be safe. 
  • Do not loiter on school grounds after the event has finished.
By following these simple tips, the 2010 Swift Watch will be enjoyable for all who come to view the Vaux’s swifts, as well as to the neighbors who live in the area.
The Portland Police Bureau, Portland’s Department of Transportation, and Portland’s Crime Prevention Program are working together with The Audubon Society of Portland and the Northwest Development Association to help keep Swift Watch a positive experience for all concerned.

Christmas 2010

New Page 1
Christmas Seasonal Page Completely Updated for 2010

The Cinnamon Bear
     Cinnamon Bear has been a tradition for many families since it was first aired in 1937.  
     Cinnamon Bear is a radio play featuring Paddy O'Cinnamon and Judy and Jimmy.  Their are 26 fun filled episodes leading up to the Christmas Eve finale.
     Portland is often called the hotspot for Cinnamon Bear because he has been broadcast each year since 1937, only missing a year or two through the years.  Many local stores often had Cinnamon Bear, instead of Santa Claus for children to visit and tell their wishes to at Christmas.  
     The Portland Spirit has a yearly schedule of You can adventure into the land of maybe with Pirates and Cinnamon Bear himself.
     Now you can download the entire Series and play it for your family. RadioLovers.com - Cinnamon Bear.  You can listen online or right click and click "Save Target As"  which will allow you to save each episode in an MP3 format for free.
     This radio show and lots of others are available online for free because they are copyright free and in the public domain.  Radio shows can be a lot of fun to introduce to your family.  Kids love to listen to them and can be very creative drawing or painting what they imagine.  If you have a video camera, they can even create their own plays or movies based on the shows.
     Many shows may have historic context which may need to be explained to them, which is a great way to introduce our history and the way we used to live.
     Portland Spirit Cruise Schedule
  • December 4, 11, 12, 18, 19                    
    • 10am - Noon
  • December 5                    
    • 3-5pm
    December 20-24, 26-27                    
     Other radio Shows and websites to enjoy.

From Halloween 2010

New Page 1              
Halloween Season!
Oh how I love Halloween!  It's always so much fun!  I know a lot of
families don't do trick or treating anymore, but I think it's just sad.
I love trick or treating so much that I did it every Halloween until I
was 18 or 19.  I can't stand to hear parents say their kids are too
old for trick or treating at 11 or 12.  Why is a kid too old to dress
up, have fun, and get free candy?  Who is too old for that?   
I didn't trick or treat for the candy, I usually still had candy left from
Halloween at Easter.  This lead to a horrifying experience with
a rat when I was 11, but lets not go there!
The point is that dressing up and acting crazy and just having
fun is the best.  All of the candy is just a bonus.
Why not sort the candy by what they really like and 
throw out the rest.  Then put one or two pieces in lunch each
day instead of a sugar drink or cookie. Or consider donating
the extra candy to a shelter or local food program.  Everyone
needs treats once in a while!

Keep Halloween Safe & Comfortable
  • Use glow sticks or glow bracelets for visibility.
  • Get 8 Bracelets in a pack at Dollar Tree!
  • Stay with the kids!
  • Even Middle School Kids should be accompanied
    by adults.  Even if you just drop them off at one end
    of a block and pick them up at the other end.
  • Lecture Kids Before About Safety.
       Kids get so excited that they forget all common sense on
    Halloween.  Remind them about staying together, not going
    with strangers, and watching for traffic. Even if your kids
    know this, a little reminder won't hurt.
  • Think About Costume Visibility.     Costumes with masks always look like a lot of fun, but on
    a dark night, you can't always see.  Check that the eye holes
    are large enough for good visibility. Maybe face paint is better.
  • Be Comfortable.
       Keep the kids in comfortable shoes and dressed warmly
    enough for the weather.  It gets cold here.  Think about
    costumes that can be worn with thermals underneath, or coats.
  • Be Healthy.
       Yeah, even on Halloween!  Bring along bottles of water and
    make sure the kids have full stomachs from a good healthy meal
    before they head out.  It will reduce the effects of sugar rush
    and upset stomachs later on.
  • Be Considerate!
         Remind kids to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You".  Remind
    older kids that you won't tolerate destructive Halloween pranks.
  • Afraid of poison in the candy? 
    There has never been a substantiated case of this happening!
    snopes.com: Poisoned Halloween Candy
Favorite Halloween Haunts
  • All of our Favorite Haunts!

  • The Davis Graveyard www.DavisGraveyard.com
         It's not only great and super creative, it's also FREE!