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From Halloween 2010

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Halloween Season!
Oh how I love Halloween!  It's always so much fun!  I know a lot of
families don't do trick or treating anymore, but I think it's just sad.
I love trick or treating so much that I did it every Halloween until I
was 18 or 19.  I can't stand to hear parents say their kids are too
old for trick or treating at 11 or 12.  Why is a kid too old to dress
up, have fun, and get free candy?  Who is too old for that?   
I didn't trick or treat for the candy, I usually still had candy left from
Halloween at Easter.  This lead to a horrifying experience with
a rat when I was 11, but lets not go there!
The point is that dressing up and acting crazy and just having
fun is the best.  All of the candy is just a bonus.
Why not sort the candy by what they really like and 
throw out the rest.  Then put one or two pieces in lunch each
day instead of a sugar drink or cookie. Or consider donating
the extra candy to a shelter or local food program.  Everyone
needs treats once in a while!

Keep Halloween Safe & Comfortable
  • Use glow sticks or glow bracelets for visibility.
  • Get 8 Bracelets in a pack at Dollar Tree!
  • Stay with the kids!
  • Even Middle School Kids should be accompanied
    by adults.  Even if you just drop them off at one end
    of a block and pick them up at the other end.
  • Lecture Kids Before About Safety.
       Kids get so excited that they forget all common sense on
    Halloween.  Remind them about staying together, not going
    with strangers, and watching for traffic. Even if your kids
    know this, a little reminder won't hurt.
  • Think About Costume Visibility.     Costumes with masks always look like a lot of fun, but on
    a dark night, you can't always see.  Check that the eye holes
    are large enough for good visibility. Maybe face paint is better.
  • Be Comfortable.
       Keep the kids in comfortable shoes and dressed warmly
    enough for the weather.  It gets cold here.  Think about
    costumes that can be worn with thermals underneath, or coats.
  • Be Healthy.
       Yeah, even on Halloween!  Bring along bottles of water and
    make sure the kids have full stomachs from a good healthy meal
    before they head out.  It will reduce the effects of sugar rush
    and upset stomachs later on.
  • Be Considerate!
         Remind kids to say "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You".  Remind
    older kids that you won't tolerate destructive Halloween pranks.
  • Afraid of poison in the candy? 
    There has never been a substantiated case of this happening! Poisoned Halloween Candy
Favorite Halloween Haunts
  • All of our Favorite Haunts!

  • The Davis Graveyard
         It's not only great and super creative, it's also FREE!

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