Thursday, January 24, 2013

Foster Children FREE at Portland Aquarium

If you are kind and wonderful enough to be a foster parent, the Portland Aquarium is thanking you by allowing Foster Children into the Aquarium for FREE.

From their website:
  •  Foster children are always welcome at our aquarium, free of admission cost. We know how stressful being in the foster system can be. We’d like to help brighten a foster child’s day, if even just for a few hours. The foster parent just needs to present state issued ID for their foster children at the box office.

I haven't been to the aquarium yet, but it looks amazing.  I drive by all the time and their parking lot is jam packed, so I am assuming people really enjoy it!  Their prices are quite low and a great rate for annual passes if you think your kids might want to go back a few times. They also have a lower cost for Field Trips, which includes Homeschoolers.  Fun and Sciencey, you gotta love it!

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