Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Halloween! - Halloween Guide updated!

You probably know that one of my favorite halloween activities is visiting the Davis Graveyard.  They do a fantastic halloween yard haunt!  And since most halloween activities cost over $10 per person, it's even better that it's FREE!

A few years ago the Davis's started having classes to teach us how to make our own yard haunts.  Their wish is to Halloweenify the entire town!  If you happen to be in downtown Milwaukie you can see some of their tombstones in front of City Hall.  Look for "J. Ferguson"  that's the mayor!

We went to their very first Tombstone making class.  We are starting to get quite the little graveyard going.  We've been adding a few tombstones each year. 

This summer I woke up one morning with a great idea for a Pac Man tombstone! I think it came out pretty cool!

Our little graveyard is all set up and you can see it right across the street from La Salle High School.
The Halloween page has been fully updated and is ready to direct you to lots of Halloween Family Fun.

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